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Brenda created Women Motorcyclist to support, embrace and inspire all women riders and everyone that supports women and motorcycling.Besides the website and the media ventures, Brenda has a Women Motorcyclists Facebook page that boasts over 283,000 followers.I tested it at speed and was pleased that it didn’t have wind flutter or wind noise. The chinstrap fastens with the usual double D-ring, which stayed put and tested well.The neck curtain is removable, as well as the inner liner, which is also washable.

The flip-up ¾ face shield provides just the right space to comfortably wear sunglasses as well as offer protection from the perils of the road.

Perhaps those fails contribute to my appreciation of these.

The other major fail I’ve seen is a cheesy print or orange coloring that no adult I know would ever wear.

I’ve been rolling on all kinds of bikes (Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Triumph) and I haven’t babied them, but I haven’t thrashed them around oil or other substances that could ruin the look or effect the longevity.

Recommended care is a light detergent and cold water hand wash and hang dry.

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