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Along with a nice shirt, I included Vanessa's 1991 autobiography which, if I recall correctly, I found in a bookstore in Tamworth, a rural city close to my hometown of Gunnedah.After reading Vanessa's autobiography I started going out of my way to not only find and watch her films on DVD, but to also learn more about her achievements in theatre and film, her passion for social justice, and the price she's paid over the years for her outspokenness on issues of human rights.Vanessa in 1978, accepting her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film Julia, about a woman murdered by the Nazi regime in the years prior to World War II for her anti-Fascist activism.During the awards ceremony members of the far-right Jewish Defense League picketed the ceremony and burned effigies of Redgrave to protest her support of the Palestinian cause.She threw herself into preparing for the part, cutting off her hair and shaving it at the forehead into a widow's peak.She met with many transsexuals to discuss their lives, but Redgrave didn't meet Richards herself until after the shoot was finished. , from left, Vanessa, her sister Lynn (1943-2010), and their parents Michael Redgrave (1908-1985) and Rachel Kempson (1910-2003).

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Years later, in around 2007, I took it upon myself to totally overhaul the Wikipedia entry on Vanessa, as I discovered it to be quite inadequate.For a lovely interview with Vanessa and Franco conducted just after the filming of Letters to Juliet, click here.eeping up with [Redgrave's] film and TV performances has always been a challenge.Her early career is strewn with hard-to-see TV episodes, shorts, and oddities, and though her choice of material is generally consistent, where and how she worked and for whom can seem quite nomadic and peculiar.In response she questioned whether there can be true democracy if the political leadership of the United States and Britain does not "uphold the values for which my father's generation fought the Nazis, [and] millions of people gave their lives against the Soviet Union's regime. Vanessa's son Carlo (born 1969) by actor Franco Nero, is a screen writer and film director.[Such sacrifice was made] because of democracy and what democracy meant: no torture, no camps, no detention forever or without trial. A lovely portrait of Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero from the late 1960s.

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