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In my curiosity to understand why men and women have abdicated ownership of this social norm, I engaged 10 students (five women; five men) in single-sex conversations about their opinions around this issue.

Although I cannot extrapolate these comments to all men and women on campus, this is what I discovered.

So how do we begin to carve out the time necessary to foster and develop relationships that are affirming, respectful and authentic?

Foundationally, if we are honest with ourselves, this is what most of us are looking for.

The title of this editorial could be accurately described as a misnomer.

I have heard from every corner of campus that dating does not occur at Notre Dame.

Clearly one of our issues on campus is the sometimes frantic pace with which we build relationships.

There is no one to blame for the demise of the dating ritual on this campus, it is what it is.

Many of the frustrations the men talked about revolved around the perennial issue of parietals.The lack of dating is not just relegated to Notre Dame, but is present on college campuses across the country.The reasons for this state of affairs is as varied as the people you talk with.First, let’s begin by lowering our expectations of what it means to date someone.Level One Dating (as described by Kerry Cronin when she visited our campus) is an opportunity for you to have a conversation with your date which will do one of two things.

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