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"The highs and lows can make women prone to feeling everything from anxious to depressed," says Jerilyn Ross, a licensed independent clinical social worker, president and CEO of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, and author of One Less Thing to Worry About.And while men tend to be linear problem solvers, "Women are more in touch with their emotions, and worry is an emotion," points out Dr.That buddy can be a friend you trade positive text messages with every day or a joy group you meet with once a month.Surrounding yourself with other happy people can hike your odds of being upbeat by 9 percent, studies show.Do a song or dance (really) If an apple a day keeps the doc away, Baraz would say a song does, too.He believes that singing is one of the surest roads to finding joy.

That's why Baraz suggests that you find a partner in your pursuit of happiness, what he calls a "joy buddy." Having someone rooting for your well-being and reminding you to look for the good in your life is a very effective way to stay on track, he says."When we get caught up in cycles of brooding and worrying, our minds are stuck in the past or the future," she says."Get out of the cycle by focusing on the present, noticing the cool breeze on your skin, the taste and texture of a bite of food." 9 secrets to boost your energy "When I'm blue, I'll mix up a fruity drink, insert one of those festive straws -- umbrella open, of course -- and pretend I'm at a party.If singing isn't your thing, Baraz says, paint, dance, or write."When I was in the minuses in my bank account, I was beside myself with worry.

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