Intimidating shirts

Having lost his family to a brutal mafia style killing, The Punisher will never rest until he sees his own brand of justice exacted on every criminal he can find.Dressed all in black and adorned with an intimidating bright white skull on his chest, The Punisher is the LAST man you want to run into after you have committed a crime.

Dress in a way that's distracting and you become easy to dismiss." THE MUST-HAVES: "A charcoal, black, or navy suit with a single pop of color—it's classic, with a twist.I also wear my hair down to balance the masculinity of the suit."On Natalie Birinyi, left: Jacket, 0, Camilla and Marc; top, 5, White Warren; pants, 5, Vera Wang Lavender Label; shoes, 0, Tory Burch; belt, , White House Black Market.On Ariana Meyerson, right: Pants, 0, The Row; shoes, 5, Christian Louboutin; Meyerson's own jewelry and Gucci coat.In this business, bras are optional." THE FASHION DISASTER: "I've seen young models show up for go-sees looking like something out of America's Next Top Model—totally over the top in some crazy punk outfit.Clients only want to see you as a blank canvas so they can picture you in their clothes." DRESS FOR SUCCESS: "Since you have to be prepared to try on all types of clothes—even bathing suits—always wear a Calvin Klein nude G-string, the industry staple given to the models at most major fashion shows." FINISH THE LOOK: "Pull your hair back so they can see your face.

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