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Having uncontrolled Hexenbiest powers may be terrifying for Juliette, but it's the kind of bold storytelling choice that keeps "Grimm" fresh.

"If a real Portlander is a person who thinks they've been here forever, and gets angry when new people show up, then yes, I'm a Portlander," Giuntoli says, with a grin.

I don't think she realizes how powerful she is, and that's going to be played out over the course of the rest of the season." Roiz points out that Renard, who is half Wesen himself, has his own issues about dealing with Juliette in her altered state.

His mother is a Hexenbiest, and the normally cool and collected captain makes questionable choices when these witchy women enter his life.

There's no mystery about why: just the day before, the "Grimm" cast and crew got the good news that NBC renewed the set and filmed-in-Portland for a fifth season. "We were always the little show that could," Tulloch says.

"It's not like we were one of the shows that got heavy promotion." But "Grimm" benefits from a fan base that loves its stories about Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), a Portland homicide cop.

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