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Timber smaller than the 8th class were called "unclassed" (等外).The width of a timber is referred to as one "timber" (材), and the dimensions of other structural components were quoted in multiples of "timber"; thus, as the width of the actual timber varied, the dimensions of other components were easily calculated, without resorting to specific figures for each scale.

Specifically, it is lumber cut for industrial or wood-packaging use.Finished lumber is supplied in standard sizes, mostly for the construction industry – primarily softwood, from coniferous species, including pine, fir and spruce (collectively spruce-pine-fir), cedar, and hemlock, but also some hardwood, for high-grade flooring.Lumber is mainly used for structural purposes but has many other uses as well.Dimensional lumber made from softwood is typically used for construction, while hardwood boards are more commonly used for making cabinets or furniture.Lumber's nominal dimensions are larger than the actual standard dimensions of finished lumber.

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