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They are also used in law enforcement and county and state agencies, and for monitoring sex offenders out on parole or probation all the time.They are often used to help determine if there is any point in investigating someone on an allegation or to clear someone of an allegation before they are wrongfully charged.Published studies will show accuracy rates from 85% up to 99% depending on the process . Eye detect polygraph accuracy has published studies claiming the same, but when using both process on the same examine the out come can be increased significantly. Do to lack of licensing restrictions in Minnesota, there are several so called examiners practicing out there that are not qualified to do so, but they will happily take your money with little or no repercussions, besides civil lawsuits.Good examiners will take an ongoing interest in your case and even get you referrals for additional services if you need them.

Other investigative exams shall not be required to be 90 mins, but good exams will be over an hour for sure.It is common to have to put down a deposit to guarantee you will show for the exam and you are not wasting the examiners time, however If you cant speak to an examiner before needing to pay a deposit, would be a suspicious situation.Know who your trusting your confidential information with.A- A properly trained examiner will be able to have you comfortable by the time you take the test do to the pretest interview assuming you intend to be truthful.It is common for people to arrive at the appointment nervous and scared at times.

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