Eric balfour dating leonor varela

Eric and his younger sister Tori are of French-Canadian and Native American descent.His family had a Lakota sweat lodge in their Los Angeles backyard when he was growing up.Before Eric and Erin were dating each other, Eric Balfour was in a relationship with Leonor Varela in 2007 for three years and with Moon Bloodgood in 2004 for three years.Erin with Both Leonor and Moon Bloodgood broke up because of some critical relationship problems which were not solved by the couples within the right time frame. Eric Balfour is an American actor and a singer who is best known for being a lead singer of his group ‘Born as ghosts’ and for his role as Milo Pressman in the TV series ‘24’.Eric Balfour got his start in acting as a teenager, appearing on the children's variety show .His character was originally intended to appear only in the pilot.“Artists are artists—they express themselves in many ways. Born April 24, 1977 in Los Angeles, California, to mom Sharon, a marriage and family therapist, and dad David, a chiropractor. I'm shocked that the audience is surprised that an artist wants to do more than one thing.”Actor.

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Leonor Varela is the name that stands out from the heard of mediocrity.One of the popular name in the Chile, Leonor Varela born as Leonor Varela Palma.She has created lots of buzz with her prominent career.Just as he was starting Besides acting, Balfour has pursued opportunities music, dance and modeling.Since 2004, he has been the lead singer of the band Born as Ghosts (previously known as Fredalba).

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