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Puck plans to rekindle his relationship with Quinn, only to find out she's dating Biff Mc Intosh (Chace Crawford), an arrogant billionaire, and has been hiding her past from him.Quinn, Santana and Brittany later perform "Toxic", but Brittany feels her dancing was not up to par, and feels she's lost her creative streak since learning she's a mathematical genius.However, this also reminds us of how great Glee use [sic] to be.That’s not necessarily a good thing." It would seem that the end of last week’s episode wasn’t all bluster – and forgive me for assuming it might have been, And while it’s sad for everyone that glee club has been defunded, especially in the “end of an era” sense, it’s arguably most difficult for the kids who will still be left at Mc Kinley when it’s over, with no choir room as a safe haven.This is only part one of a two-parter, but it seems unlikely the next hour will redeem this one.I really hope I’m not writing the same thing about the series finale fifteen months or so from now.Meanwhile, Rachel and Mercedes begin feuding over who is more successful, and decide to settle their dispute through a "diva-off", in which they perform "Defying Gravity" alongside Kurt, and leave it to the others to vote for who was better.Will and April remind Principal Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) that April's charity foundation owns the auditorium, which means the glee club could move to the auditorium and rely on the foundation's funding to move forward, but Sue reveals that Will has already blown most of the money on costumes and scenery, and April's assets have been frozen, meaning glee club is still over.

During the diva-off voting, Santana humiliates Rachel, who is consoled by Mercedes.Puck and Quinn develop a relationship, and Brittany declares her love for Santana, though Santana is reluctant to date her again after their painful break-up.Will reunites Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Mercedes, Artie, Tina, Puck, Quinn, Brittany and Mike in the auditorium and thanks them for being part of his life.Santana cheers up Brittany through a performance of "Valerie", backed up by Mike and Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist).Puck then serenades Quinn with "Keep Holding On" and encourages her not to be ashamed for her past.

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