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At first I did it for his pleasure, squeezing his balls much harder than I thought should be bearable. and either he grabs your balls and starts squeezing them or you grab his and started squeezing? She doesn't know I like when she rough with my groin but I fantasize about her busting me.

One time I don't know why because we're strait but we were smoking dope and drinking naked and all of a sudden my friend grabbed my balls and starts squeezing and yanking on them. I'm laying down and she's sitting on my stomach and I did something to mess with her and she taps my balls to warn me and I cocky say that doest hurt so...

I'll share one of the real stories here: This experience took place while she and I had some good ballbusting... If you've read my 2 other stories you can see that I've been fortunate enough to have g/fs who have been into ballbusting. To fulfill my ball-busting loving, I went to a prostitute while...

I would meet my girl at the door to the apartment - she would call to make sure i was home.

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I'm progressing as a ballbuster, and am really enjoying it.woman regularly bust my balls whilst wearing a variety of outfits like a cheerleader costume, sexy policewoman costume and a short sexy black dress.she is very good at busting my balls and is very brutal.Dominatrix Chat Line is inviting you out to socialize!No matter what time of day the intensity is always steamy so call the Dominatrix Chat Line chat now!

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