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In part, it is what has allowed Uber to blur the boundary between being a ‘pre-booked’ service and ‘plying-for-hire’ (a difference we explored when we last looked at the London taxi trade back in 2015).It is also this setup that also allows Uber to pay what their critics say is less than their ‘fair share’ of tax – Uber pays no VAT and, last year, only paid £411,000 in Corporation Tax.It is also UBV who then collect any payment required.

It is UBV that request that driver be dispatched to the user’s location.

These are rules that all private hire operators – from the smallest local cab firm to Addison Lee – are required to meet.

Issuing a four-month extension rather than a five-year one was intended to provide the time necessary to investigate those issues further.

Avoiding When preparing for your next negotiation, there are four important points of consideration related to negotiating styles. Do you lean towards Competing, Accommodating, Avoiding, Compromising, or Collaborating?

Second, consider the other side’s negotiating style.

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